Wednesday, February 10, 2010

first blog in Germany

Very long time didnt blog ad; coz ´no one´ force me to do so, hahaha.....
Now, in Germany, my dream. almost hav everything. have been longing for this since was a little kid; study abroad, watching LIVE futbal, a 16inch laptop, playing favorite games whenever i wan, a guitar wif me, buy watever i wan, get lot $$, snow... By the way, still miss my lovely parents, brothers, relatives and some of my frens. very grateful.... still hav lot of things to do, to achieve, so that, so that my dream wont go away, and ppl tat I like or love, will be happy.
there is another dream I ve, but it could only be achieved, if ´nationalism´, ´patriotism´, ´greed´ and ´discrimination´ wouldnt exist at all in the world. Tat is; everyone isnt proud of their nation, we love all ppl around d world regardless of ethnicgroups or status and always think that the most important things in our whole life are; love, feeling and conscience. A quote from Sophie Scholl; ´Es will Gott, Gewissen und Mitgefühl´. Then we can go anywhere we like, we can live anywhere we like without any restriction and the whole world belongs not oni to u and mine but to all us. ´Assimilation´ of certain minority wont exist if we have ´love´, ´conflicts´ wont exist if we have ´love´. and we couldnt even find the word ´WAR´ in dictionaries. Well, this is impossible to be achieved coz as we grow older, we become more ignorant and stupid; we start to differentiate ´colours´ and ´status´, we didnt ´think´.

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