Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I m fired...

My neighbour is an African and we r having dinner every friday nite. My boss was recently back to China coz his father just passed away. Hence, i could fully utilize this ´´opportunity´´ to do something more important; didnt be a slave for one day and played football with my friends from Scandinavian(some of them were absent as they went to mosque for religious purpose). However, the lousy futsal hall was closed as the workers there were on strike; they didnt wanna work as they were low paid. Well, we decided to go to bar. we took around 2 hour to reach there because there was a peace demonstration against war along the street. Gosh! the bar tat belonged to a Russian has been burnt. A guy nearby told us that it was because the owner had forbidden blacks to enter his bar, and a guy called Bracha did so as he couldnt have a great time wif his frens(mostly blacks) there. during his explanation I received an unexpected call.´´hallo, where are you, arent you in office now, dont u think tat i dont noe everything in the bureau though i m not there!! you are fired! Fuck you!!´´ shouted my boss..Good, I was fired, luckily I was fired, I didnt need to work for day and nite and just earned 1000000 Rupiah per month.