Thursday, April 16, 2009


"when one day you all become a doctor, lawyer or engineer, you will earn a lot of money-rich. My primary school teacher told us in the class."

"But teacher, being a professional football player, we can earn more than them. David Beckham is able to earn 80,000 Pounds a week, times 6 is about RM480,000."

I was 11 years old at that time and that was what I replied. David actually earns more than 80k pounds but why my teacher never told us about it. Can a doctor earns 80k per month- he earns this figure per week. Maybe he is the only football player who made his 'humongous' fortune. By the way, I could not live without football-playing football almost every evening, drawing about football when I was free, committing vandalism by drawing football boots, players or even stadiums on my school text books and dreaming of becoming a national football player and MU player. I always thought of being a professional football player after graduating from secondary school. Ja, I was undoubtedly naive at that time because it was difficult to be a pro football player especially with such circumstance-devoid of parents, society and school's support. I never gave up to achieve this dream until form 4. 'Damals hat mir das Studium gar nicht gefallen'-I did not like studies at all. I still remember that I failed to pass some subjects in virtue of laziness. Only football was in my mind. However, my dream was with no avail. I do not have the chance to wear national football colour, play football in a stadium which is surrounded with 50,000 spectators who are watching my virtuosity, shouting 'changwin!', longing for my signature and score a plenty of marvelous goals in front of them.
At least I still have a pair of legs and eyes.......


  1. Brother, it's good to be down to earth. player...kekekkk...
    not bad, everyone should have at least one dream that seems to be quite contrast with their real life.

  2. boy u know,
    MGSS (Malaysia - Germany Student Society, i suppose this is the full name :P) organises a football game every year in Hannover. n the scholars in germany r in fact quite active in this event. u can always join this!
    tengok "North La Liga"

    have a nice day!

  3. thankss, shir ling..haha
    but dun call me boy la....haha