Friday, February 27, 2009

The evildoer of the world....

Last week I went for 2 movies, Valkyrie on Saturday night and Der Untergang on Sunday afternoon. These movies have something in common: history background, the setting and they are based on true story.
Valkyrie is all about the solutions taken by some Nazi German generals and ministers to overthrow or assassinate the cruel dictator Adolf Hitler but their action was in vain. Actually, they almost make it, but their procrastinating of time failed them. If not, the death tolls during WW2 would not achieve as much as 5 million people as the monster(Hitler) was killed earlier.
Der Untergang( the downfall) narrates the circumstances of people in Germany during the downfall of Nazi Germany. The devastating destruction especially in Berlin due to the massive bombing conducted by Allies, killed a lot of people including innocent children, women and elder people. Moreover, some of them were also shot by their own soldiers: full of bloody, violent, sad, shocking and depressing scenes. The story ended when Hitler committed suicide and Allies took over Germany successfully.

After watching these movies, I found that not only non-German people loathed Nazi Germany but also their own people. They found that Hitler would lead Germany into hell, but they could not do anything: must obey any command from der Fuehrer(hitler), if not they would be sent to concentration camp-death. Many of the Germans who were accused allegedly that they opposed or betrayed the country were shot. Hitler, himself thought that he was the god, the savior of Germany- Germany belonged to him. Indeed, he was a Satan, he destroyed Germany

How could Hitler become the dictator of Germany? Via revolution like Fidel Castro in Cuba? won the civil war just like what was happened in China and Soviet Union? No. He became Chancellor because of the people have chosen him, elected him- via election, democracy. The Germans thought that he could ameliorate the economy and the life of people, bring Germany back to the top of the world again, cancel the treaty of Versailles which rose the burden of Germany. However, they were wrong. He have committed heinous crimes= massacred 6 million people including Germans and other races but mostly Jewish and invaded other countries. He, the evil of the world.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friend again

A girl was on the way going back from school and I was there too, waiting for my cousin. I stared at her as she caught my interest. She was so mesmerizing, as pretty as a picture, with fair complexion and sparkling eyes.

Before that, she did not appear in my mind at all but after this incident, I lose my heart to her and I had intention to go after her. It was with no avail as I did not have courage and this relationship would not last longer as I was going to leave my secondary school after form 5, we would be separated with each other: moreover, maybe I will fly to Germany.

However, she is still my best friend until now and forever: that is just enough, just enough.

She is 3 years younger than me, a bit stubborn, straight-forward and smart( my perspective). We have a lot of things to share and she is the girl after my own heart: she likes the same things and has the same opinions as me. When problems plague her, I will try my best to lend her a hand, when she is down, I will comfort her. She will do so to me too. Honestly, I have not seen her almost half year, I almost forget her appearance, but I do still remember her: she is still my friend.

I always think that loving someones,
is the greatest feeling.
I realize that loving a friend,
is even much better.
I can lost people I love,
but I never lost my friend.

She is my best friend...forever...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Courage and Cowardice

"If both of you want to play one more time, you( 2 persons) can use changwin's ticket and share another ticket(RM10), each pays RM5". Edwin suggested. Then, they decided to 'fly' one more time without shouting.

Yesterday, my friends and my friends 'rushed' to Genting Highland as the following Monday is a holiday and moreover it was the place we were longing for. I have been there before and it was the fourth time: I still feel scared every time playing something which is related to the word 'coaster'. We stayed overnight. The first day we just entered to snow house( extremely cold, -5'c), and went for a walk in The First World Theme Park.

All of us, except me, intended to play some games which could bring excitement( their perspectives) at outdoor theme park next day. During that night, I just hoped that tomorrow would be a heavy rain or these fearful games would be out of service. However, I had to play. Nothing was happened. Luckily, I had courage and I was no longer afraid of them: corkscrew roller coaster, flying dragon and space shot. Meanwhile, after sitting on the pirates ship, I felt dizzy and almost wanted to vomit: I could not continue to play other 'games' anymore'.

'Flying coaster': I loathed this phrase!!! However, my friend has bought the ticket for me and they forced me to play: suffer indeed. There were a lot of twists and I could not play, I could feel dizzy, vomit and even faint, if I did so! Mum, Dad, I did not want to play!!! In order to avoid 'flying', I expressed my situation to my friends and finally, haha, I was safe!! Hence, they 'flew' and I just stood outside, waited for them alongside taking care of their bags. They were shouting loudly during flying and I could not imagine how if I took part too. So terrible ha!!
There was still a ticket( mine) and after they finished playing, 2 of my friends wanted to fly again. and: READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH..I personally thought that they were really brave, full of courage and I was totally a COWARD!!!

These two friends are, Sarah and Poo Hui..They are the brave...