Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Old Friends

Before I would like to write about my old friends , let me begin with my perspective of friend. Friend is a person you know well and like, and who is not usually a memer of your family. I am the one who cannot live in this world without friend-without friends, my life is not more than a shadow of death. My life is mundane and meaningless if i do not have friend.


I categorize my friends into

old friends,
new friends,
best friends,
ordinary friends.

If both of us know each other at least 4 years, I will consider them as my old friends. Actually, almost all of my old friends are those I befriended with them during primary and secondary school's time. Most of them are crazy and mischievous, including me. When i was in Form 4, during the Malay Language class, my old friends and I who sat in front of the class were sleeping. If you were there, you would see students(us) of the front row were laying on the table. I could not imagine what would be happened if our principal or counsellor saw our 'master piece of work' as our class was considered as the most excellent class as compared to other's.

Besides, if we found that the class was very boring, then the 'world conference' would be held- we talked with each other loudly just like a debate. Sometimes, we were scolded by teacher because of our debate was 'bursting with vitality'-TOO LOUD indeed. "I know that you all go for tuition classes, you are experts already, need not listen to what I teach, but please keep your mouth shut!!!"some of the teachers would tease us- we loathed them as well, ha ha. I have a friend who was 'extraordinary' and 'weird' because during Physics class, he pored over chemistry books, during chemistry, he read biology and...dun laugh..Ha Ha.. He always read other subject books during a particular class. By virtue of this, we called him scientist and moreover his hair style was like Albert Einstein's. However, he is one of my best friends indeed as we know each other since I was 4. He always gives me a hand when problems are plaguing me.

Have you met a person who could get almost 100% for his Chemistry, Physics, Additional Maths and Mathematics but 'scored' 0% for his History. This person who 'lack of patriotism' is my old friend. Actually, he would not get a 'big egg' for this subject but he was doing something different during the test. Do you know what he has done until he could get such a 'horrible' results? The History test comprised subjective questions and we needed to fill in the blanks given. He wrote Dota's information in the blanks( he was a Dota addict), such as 'Lina', 'Knight Stalker', 'Chaos Knight', 'Yasha Sange', '6.52Al+' and so on. Ha Ha..You will be amused only if you have played Dota before. He is a skinny, tall and has a dark complexion(like me)-we call him bamboo. In the class, he was my 'neighbour' and both of us always had something to talk but full of craps. When I could not solve maths questions or comprehend physics theories,he was willing to teach me. There was a great betterment of my science subjects in virtue of him. Thanks!

To be continued
........WIN THE GREAT could not continue to write about them as 'his' energy is used up...Next time....


" A very good way to improve your English is to write a reflective journal once a week". This is what my EALD teacher told me last week during my first EALD class- I was 'forced' to be a blogger since that day.
Actually, I am not the only student who was compelled to do so but also all of the students who are studying AUSMAT at KBU college this year. By the way, I personally think that it is undoubtedly a GOOD way to improve my English and I am EXTREMELY grateful to my teacher for this. Besides, I can express my emotions, feelings and share with you all some of my experiences via blogging. I hope that you all can comprehend to what I write as I am not proficient in English, maybe I will make some silly grammar mistakes during blogging.